My Anniversary!

Today is my one year anniversary with the love of my life!

Since we’re in college, we aren’t necessarily doing anything huge or crazy. Instead, we’re just going to eat good food, cuddle, and watch our favorite “together” movie (Fantastic Mr. Fox).

Our story is pretty classic…

Aidan and I became friends pretty quickly- like ridiculously quickly.


We went from not being friends at all (in fact, I thought he was kinda annoying!) to spending every spare moment together. Whether talking about our classes and books or cooking food and watching movies, we were always together.


Everyone would tease us about getting together romantically. We’d laugh it off, although, I was starting to develop a bit of a crush… Meanwhile, we both went on dates with other people but nothing clicked. We just preferred hanging out with each other.


By our second semester, my crush was ridiculously huge. Our first fight was actually about that- Aidan could tell I liked him and I kept denying it. It was childish and silly. Both of us were running high on emotion. But we “kissed and made up” (so to speak!) and things went back to normal…sort of.


As Spring Break approached, we could tell that things had changed. Every time we so much as brushed hands, sparks flew. We spent even more time together and put even more effort into refusing to see what we had as anything more than friendship. For break, Aidan was flying cross-country. The day before he left was beyond emotional for both of us. As he was about to leave, Hhe kissed my cheek, which just made me more emotional!!

We Skyped and texted and called the entire time he was gone. I kept telling myself that all friends did this…right. Aidan, though, was starting to look into his own feelings, and he realized that the love he had for me was not platonic. It was something more.

The day he got back to campus, we decided to do breakfast. I came over, and seeing him again was the best feeling in the world. Or so I thought. Without warning, Aidan pulled me close …and kissed me!! And then apologized for kissing me, so I kissed him.

The rest, as they say, is history.


Do you have a story about you & your special someone? I’d love to hear it! Share in the comments below.



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As some of you may know, I used to have a blog as a teenager where I would post poems and thoughts, among other things. This is a different project. This blog will be a fashion and lifestyle blog. I’ll share outfits, recipes, healthy tips, and other goodies I find along the way. There will also be reviews and lots of ideas for your home and activities to do with your kids. There won’t be very much make-up, though…not really my cup of tea!

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